Elementary School

The Elementary curriculum is sequentially organized, allowing for continuity of learning throughout the elementary years. Use of the same text curriculum enables students to build on prior knowledge, while the teaching styles and experiences of each teacher bring richness and uniqueness to each classroom

Middle School

Students in seventh grade English at North Central Texas Academy refine and master previously learned knowledge and skills in increasingly complex presentations, reading selections, and written compositions. Seventh grade students learn to analyze a speaker’s persuasive techniques and credibilit

High School

North Central Texas Academy’s curriculum is one of a private, Christian, college-preparatory boarding, day, and international school. With qualified and highly-trained leadership and staff members ...

College and Career Counseling

At North Central Texas Academy, the process of helping students make big decisions begins by listening and planning together.  Students are introduced to, and take, ...


Students have many opportunities to develop leadership skills by getting involved in a variety of clubs and organizations at the Academy. Officers are elected at ...