The North Central Texas Academy equestrian program offers students the unique opportunity to learn horsemanship skills sanctioned by Chris Cox. One of the students’ favorite activities is grooming and riding the horses.  Not only do students learn riding skills, but through various activities with the horses, students learn problem solving skills, social skills, communication, and teamwork.  NCTA equestrian students have access to an amazing indoor riding arena on the campus.

Chris Cox Horsemanship Method

Horsemanship One (The Basics)


Body Parts

Feel Bone Structure

Learn Bridling


How the Horse Thinks

Learn Saddling


Groundwork Awareness


Learn How to Use the Halter and Lead

Achieving Softness and Suppleness

Building Confidence in the Mind and Body

Learn How to Move the Horse’s Body Parts

Becoming the Leader

Learn How to Catch the Horse

Learn Feel and Timing

History of the Horse

Teach the Horse to Respect You

Learn Rein Management

Learn Grooming

Horsemanship Two (Safety is the Soul when Working with Horses)

Different Personalities of Horses

Lateral and Vertical Flexion

Preparing the Horse to Ride

Moving the Body Parts While on the Horse’s Back


Keeping the Horse between Your Hands and Legs

Back and Yield

Working on the Horse’s Mind

Balance (Riding the Motion of the Horse)

Learning about Soaking Time

Walking/Trotting/Cantering on a Loose Rein

Building Confidence in Your Riding

One Rein Stops

Horsemanship Three (Advanced Training)

Add Refinement and Speed

Cow Work

Getting More Feel and Timing

Ranch Sorting

Learning What the Horse Needs from Us

Roping and Barrel Racing

Learning to Keep the Horse Straight

Trail Riding

Dealing with a Spooked Horse

Gathering Cattle

A Disrespectful Horse