The basketball program at NCTA has built a tradition of excellence both in the classroom and on the court. The program’s successes include six consecutive girls State Championships and five consecutive boys State Championships, with several players moving on to play at the collegiate level.

The overall vision of the school and basketball program is to equip each student athlete with the tools necessary to accomplish their athletic goals, prepare for the rigors of college life, and acquire the life-skills necessary to sustain a healthy balance between God, academics, and athletics.

NCTA and the basketball program provide a unique environment that fosters an approach of nurturing and growing each student athlete through relationship building. By using this one on one approach, NCTA has created a family atmosphere that builds trust within both the faculty and student.

NCTA maintains a Christian centered environment that emphasizes the importance of spiritual growth and maturity. The school and basketball program believe that each child deserves to be loved and cared for. By using this purpose driven approach, it is the goal of the school and basketball program that each student athlete develops a healthy self-image and values serving others while giving back to their community.

2021-22 Basketball Schedule